2016 Team

As you know, our school colors are traditionally red and yellow. This year we dug deep into the schools past to come up with a unique and fun kit. The jerseys and shorts with year have the tartan of Lord Strathcona on them. There is a little red and yellow in it, but it is dominantly blue and green. So our kit this year is blue and green. It’s fun to change it up once in awhile. The crest that every jersey has on it is our heritage crest that is on display in the main entrance of the school on the floor. It’s a tradition to not walk on the crest, it’s a tradition that all students adhere to out of respect for the school. It’s not a rule it’s just something that they do. We thought that we would honor that image that the school has had for over 60 years.


This season started with our annual tournament. Every year we worry about the weather. We have played in rain, snow, wind, hot and cold. This year was warm and sunny for both days. We had more people watching than ever before. The team was able to come up with victories over all of their opponents. What a great start.


The season started a little early this year and it was great to get started so early. Our first game was against a physical McNally team who won 22-21. Following the McNally game the team traveled to Calgary to participate in the annual Icebreaker tournament. It was a great team builder and we used the tournament to try some things out and have fun. After the loss to McNally and the Icebreaker, the team settled in and focused on their next games. With lots still to learn we defeated W.P. Wagner and Ross Sheppard. These wins ensured the we would enter playoffs in the #2 or #3 position, determined by a win or a loss against O’Leary in the season’s fourth and final game.

Following the win over O’Leary the team participated in the annual Ross Shepperd rugby tournament. The weather was ideal for rugby. We played games against McNally, M.E. Lazerte and Harry Ainlay. It was a great way to prepare for the upcoming playoff run.



Going into City playoffs we were 3-1, with the loss coming from McNally earlier in the season. Our semi final game was against O’Leary, whom we played only 4 days previous. The boys followed the game plan, dug deep and despite their exhaustion from the heat, won with a final score of 26-5. That victory secured our spot in the city championship game against McNally.

McNally went into the city final with a very big, physical forward pack. We needed to contain them and play our game. The first quarter saw most of the scoring action. The final score was 31-17 for us to claim the program’s fifth city championship and secure a spot at provincials.

City Champs

Going into provincials the Edmonton zone was ranked number 5 which saw us playing Lindsay Thurber from Red Deer in our first game. Thurber moved the ball well and in the end won the game 17-10. The loss put us in the consolation side of the draw. Next up was Medicine Hat. That game was a tight game in which the final score was 12-8 for us. That win put us in the consolation final against Western Canada from Calgary. It was a dual between city champs. The score went back and forth all game long, no one was clearly winning. The final score came down to a penalty kick for Western that saw them win 27-24. We finished the tournament ranked 6th.

It’s been a wonderful season in which we played more games than in any other year in the past. For our three year grade 12 players it was three years of hard work to win the city championship. Best of luck to those that are graduating, we hope to see you at our games in the future. To those returning, we have a city championship to defend. Have fun this summer and play rugby.